About Liz:

As a Chinese-English translator with over ten years' professional translation and editing experience in publishing, media, and Fortune 500 corporate settings, I have the expertise to ensure that your documents are rendered faithfully and fluently in English. In the course of my previous work in both China and the United States, I have translated textbooks, legal contracts, press releases, subtitles, and news articles. Additionally, I have edited all kinds of texts, including scholarly articles, resumes, and website content. As I am pursuing my PhD in Chinese linguistics, I have a theoretical understanding of many aspects of translation that are generally less well understood, even by professional translation companies.

My philosophy is that deep understanding is a prerequisite for quality translation and editing. I work with clients to learn about their needs, aims, and requirements so that I can provide top-quality service that exceeds expectations. 


The rate charged per project may vary based on length, complexity, and other specifications. However, I generally charge based on character length (for Chinese-English translation) or word length (for English-language documents). For the former, my standard rate is $0.15 per character, and the latter, $0.03 per word. I can also check the accuracy or quality of a document translated into English against the original Chinese to ensure accuracy and fluency. I prefer to review the original document prior to accepting a translation job so that I can come to an understanding with the client about a timeline and rate that is mutually satisfactory.